Staff Policies
  • Shall be transparent in all their dealings except in cases where the needs of business security dictate otherwise.
  • Shall maintain highest business conduct, integrity and ethics when dealing with third parties which include suppliers, contractors, consultants, agents, sales representatives, distributors and competitors.
  • Shall avoid of any situation, which involves or may involve a conflict between their personal interest and the interest of the Thumbay Group.
  • Shall avoid any relationship, influence or activity that might impair or evenappear to impair their ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing their job.
  • Shall in the even of knowledge of any conflict of interest, disclose the relevant facts in writing explaining the circumstances that create or could create the conflict of interest of the management of the Thumbay Group.
  • Shall respect the confidentiality of any information they receive and should never use it for personal gain.
  • Shall neither seek nor accept for themselves or others any gifts, favours and entertainment or any benefit other than items of very small intrinsic value such as business diaries or calendars.
  • Shall not offer or authorize to offer gifts, payments, business courtesies, favours and entertainment or any benefits which inconsistent with customary business practices or create the appearance of an improper attempt to influence business decisions.