Thumbay Group Mission, Vision & Values

The Vision to Innovate

Be a leading business house with a global presence

The Mission to Explore New Growth Avenues

To emerge as a premier international business house, serving diverse segments of the society with innovative products and services of unmatched quality and integrity and inspiring confidence, satisfaction, trust and loyalty among the community across cultures.

Values That Drive Growth

The Thumbay Group possesses a strong set of values that aims to support business integration while creating a sense of belonging.They touch upon business areas, activities, existing corporate culture and country of operation.

Excellence: Provide customers with a consistently high level of service through continuous benchmarking of operations and realigning of processes.

Trust: Ensure trust and respect for business success through open communication, dialogue and delegation of responsibilities.

Knowledge: Interact closely with customers by creating and sharing knowledge that adds value and is relevant.

Innovation: Pursue innovation so as to harness cutting edge tecnology, using insights to invent a better future that makes healthcare serve fairly, productively and consistently.

Integrity: Ensure the highest levels of personal and institutional ethics and integrity, make honest commitments and work to consistently honour them.